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Aircool Aircon Servicing Singapore offers complete AC services including quality aircon servicing, aircon repair, aircon installation, aircon chemical wash, aircon chemical overhaul, and aircon gas top-up. We specialize in premium aircon servicing and offer attractive aircon promotions and affordable prices. our AC services are both residential and commercial areas. then Our technicians are highly qualified professionals with over 5+ years of experience in the aircon industry. With this, continuously delivering only quality aircon services in Singapore.

Aircool Aircon Servicing Singapore – Puggol

General service

30$ per/unit

recommendation30 days workmanship 

 tick   2 units – 50$
tick   3 units – 75$
tick   4 units – 100$

Steam wash

50$ per/unit

recommendation30 days workmanship 

 tick   2 units – 80$
tick   3 units – 120$
tick   4 units – 160$

Chemical wash

70$ per/unit

recommendation60 days workmanship 

 tick   2 units – 120$
tick   3 units – 180$
tick   4 units – 240$

Chemical overhaul

100$ per/unit

recommendation90 days workmanship 

 tick   2 units – 200$
tick   3 units – 300$
tick   4 units – 400$


Aircon General service

Aircon General Service

30 days Workmanship warranty

We offer the Aircon general services like cleaning the air filter, cooling coils, blower, and drainage pipe. Singapore residents mostly use the air conditioner. 

Aircon chemcial wash

Aircon chemical wash

60 days Workmanship warranty

Aircon Chemical wash service for your aircon will largely reduce the noise level and it also quickly increase the cooling level of your room

Aircon chemical overhaul

Aircon chemical overhaul 

90 days Workmanship warranty

it’s a full clean of your Aircon indoor unit. we dismantle the aircon then it will be clean each and every part of the air conditioner using aircon chemical.

Aircon steam cleaning

Aircon Steam Cleaning

30 days Workmanship warranty

when your aircon is not working properly you must clean the cooling coil and blower by using the chemicals. then your aircon will be properly cooled. 

Aircon repair

Aircon Repair

30 days Workmanship warranty

Mostly if not properly maintained your aircon will occur repair likecompressor repair, water leakage, gas leakage, cooling problem, heating problem, etc,.

Aircon gas topup

Aircon gas topup

one of the major problems that might occur in your aircon is to overcome is that you might check your gas level, and also check the gas pipe leakage regularly. the freon gas is helping to make your air conditioner cool properly.

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Aircon Common Problems?


Aircool provides a reliable compressor repair service for your aircon and rectifies the problem quickly with their Technical Experts. Aircon Compressor is a vital part to run properly.

Water leakage

Aircon water leakage problem is one of the common problems that will occur in most air conditioners. Our expert will help you out to overcome this problem with our proper service and guidance.

Noisy problem

Your fan coil blower might be dusty and air filter holes were not properly cleaned. so your air conditioner produces the noise. so you should properly maintain it with experienced technicians


Some of the aircon might have a cooling problem so following proper gas topup maintenance and cleaning the air filter will solve the cooling problem. Aircool will help customers with high-quality repair.


Gas leakage is one of the major issues in aircon, So to prevent this problem we should properly maintain the gas level. When the gas is low the cooling time will increase.

Error code problem

Some of the error code issues which show in your air conditioners. Like: sensor issue, board issue, automatic turn off, wings issue, etc. These issues will be easily sorted out by our experts.


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