We sell do both split Mitsubishi air conditioner and centralized air conditioner for both home and commercial purpose for an affordable rate

Benefits of Buying An Mitsubishi Aircon :

  • High cost for value product
  • Electricity bills can be easily saved
  • Featured Design with Latest Technology
  • 5 Years compressor warranty and 1-year fan coil warranty
  • Smart remote control

Aircool offers a 1-year workmanship warranty for Mitsubishi Aircon. We also a free site visit so our team will assist you easily for installing a new aircon

Mitsubishi system 2


Mitsubishi system 3


Mitsubishi system 4


Are you looking aircon service?

Our Technical Experts will easily service your mitsubishi aircon very easily. We do aircon general service , chemical wash , chemical overhaul and Aircon Gas Top up for all mitsubishi AIrcon Brands. We also solve the complicated aircon problems by our experts.

What is the common problem happens in air conditioner?



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