Aircool offers the best aircon service and installation for a Panasonic brand for an affordable cost for hdb flats, offices, commercial places, and homes. You can buy both split air conditioner and centralized air conditioner

Why buy a Panasonic brand aircon with Aircool?

  • Flexible pricing compared to others
  • 5 Years compressor warranty and 2 year fan coil warranty
  • 2 Year Workmanship warranty
  • Best inbuilt quality with top notch design
  • Free site survey are available
  • No Hidden charges
  • No Hidden charges


Our team will assist you and give you suggestions to buy which model suits your place. With 10+ Aircon experience, our experts will easy dismantle your old aircon and install the new aircon for your preferred area

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panasonic system 3


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Are you looking aircon service?

Aircool do panasonic aircon service for flexible pricing for both home and other commercial areas. Our services like general service , chemical wash , chemical overhaul and Aircon Gas Top up for all panasonic Aircon Brands. Our Technicians will also sort out the complicated panasonic aircon problems.

What is the common problem happens in air conditioner?



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