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Aircon General Service

The Aircool is one of the Trusted Air conditioner service company in Singapore. We offer the Aircon general services like cleaning the air filter, cooling coils, blower, drainage pipe.

Singapore residents mostly use the air conditioner. But they didn’t properly maintain. So to overcome that regular aircon servicing is a must. We provide a 30 days workmanship warranty for regular service.


UNITS Price list (SGD)
fan coil unit 1  Unit 30$ + transportation Fees
fan coil unitfan coil unit 2 unit 50$
fan coil unitfan coil unitfan coil unit 3 unit 75$
fan coil unitfan coil unitfan coil unitfan coil unit 4 unit 100$

What is Included in General Servicing?

  • We fully  clean the air filter thoroughly
  • We clean the blower fully if incase any dust  it will be cleaned
  • We do clean the blockages in water Tray
  • We clean the Fan coil and drainage pipes
  • Proper check up for the whole aircon unit.
  • 30 days after sale workmanship warranty available

Benefits Of Regular General service

  • Higher efficiency 
  • Improved Aircon Lifespan
  • Improved Cooling Speed
  • Higher Repair cost of aircon will be vastly reduced.
  • Electricity Bill can also be reduced.

Frequenty Ask Questions

My aircon is not cooled ,what could be the reason for that?
  1. check whether all your room doors and windows are closed
  2. Check the fan coil unit is properly cleaned or not.
  3. Check the temperature level whether it is on a medium level.
  4. If any parts have a problem kindly contact the nearby Aircon service centre.
What does aircon general service include?

It includes the air filter and covers clean. then check the cooling coll and blower if it occurs the clogs, our technician clean that. then check is that properly cooling. then clear the water blockage in water tray and pipe. these all checkups include in a general aircon service by Aircool 

Is Aircon general service necessary for every 3 months?

Yes, we recommend you do aircon general service for 3 months once because if regularly aircon used 8 hr/per day the filter and blower occur the dust. if we do not clean blower and filter after the 3 months once. the room cooling speed will be reduced.