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Aircon Chemical Wash

Chemical wash service for your aircon will largely reduce the noise level and it also quickly increase the cooling level for your room

we fully clean the filters, blower, evaporator coil and we ensure your aircon is in very good condition without any flaws

Aircool provides top-notch service in aircon chemical wash service across Singapore at flexible pricing.


UNITS Price list (SGD)
fan coil unit 1  Unit 70$ 
fan coil unitfan coil unit 2 unit 120$
fan coil unitfan coil unitfan coil unit 3 unit 180$
fan coil unitfan coil unitfan coil unitfan coil unit 4 unit 240$
What includes in aircon chemical wash service?

We fully clean air conditioner parts using the chemicals. wash the blower, filter and evaporator coil of your aircon by our experienced professionals at an affordable rate

When should I do air conditioner chemical wash?

You must do an air conditioner chemical wash service at least 6 months once. if you follow that schedule continuously your aircon parts life will be increased, and it also works like new.

What is the price for aircon chemical wash service?

We provide an Aircon chemical wash service – 70$ (SGD) per unit. Our Aircool technician expertise in aircon service. we give a 6 months workmanship warranty for each chemical wash service.