An aircon is a very important part of our lives. It helps us to stay cool in hot and humid weather.

Aircool is one of the best aircon service contract companies in Singapore. Our company has been in the business for more than ten years, and our technicians have extensive knowledge of air conditioners. We provide you with a variety of aircon service contracts such as Annual Aircon Maintenance and Quarterly Maintenance.

We provide you with a hassle-free and support all air conditioning service at an affordable price Contact us today to get your aircon contract with us.

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Yearly Aircon Service Contract 

Aircool offers all types of Best aircon service at an affordable price with a workmanship warranty for HDB Flats, Condo, and Residentials. our technicians are experienced in AC Cleaning they rectify all your aircon problems 100% successfully. Trusted #airconservicecompany.

General service

30$ per/unit

recommendation30 days workmanship 

 tick   2 units - 50$
tick   3 units - 75$
tick   4 units - 100$

Steam wash

40$ per/unit

recommendation30 days workmanship 

 tick   2 units - 80$
tick   3 units - 120$
tick   4 units - 160$

Chemical wash

60$ per/unit

recommendation60 days workmanship 

 tick   2 units - 120$
tick   3 units - 180$
tick   4 units - 240$

Chemical overhaul

90$ per/unit

recommendation90 days workmanship 

 tick   2 units - 180$
tick   3 units - 270$
tick   4 units - 360$


aircon general service

Aircon General Service

30 days Workmanship warranty

We offer the #Aircongeneralservice like cleaning the air filter, cooling coils, blower, and drainage pipe. Singapore residents mostly use the air conditioner. 

aircon chemical wash

Aircon chemical wash

60 days Workmanship warranty

#AirconChemicalwash service for your aircon will largely reduce the noise level and it also quickly increase the cooling level of your room

aircon chemical overhaul

Aircon chemical overhaul 

90 days Workmanship warranty

it’s a full clean of your Aircon indoor unit. we dismantle the aircon then it will be clean each and every part of the AC using an #airconchemicaloverhaul.

aircon steam cleaning

Aircon Steam Cleaning

30 days Workmanship warranty

when your aircon is not working properly you must clean the cooling coil and blower by using the chemicals. then your aircon will be properly cooled. 

aircon repair

Aircon Repair

30 days Workmanship warranty

Mostly if not properly maintained your aircon will occur repair likecompressor repair, water leakage, gas leakage, cooling problem, heating problem, etc,.

aircon gas topup

Aircon gas topup

one of the major problems that might occur in your aircon is to overcome is that you might check your gas level, and also check the gas pipe leakage regularly. the freon gas is helping to make your air conditioner cool properly.

Why do more people prefer service contracts

 More people prefer an aircon service contract because it could save time and be cost-effective, etc., We provide the best reasonable servicing contract for all areas in Singapore. Our contractors perfectly handle your aircon by following the schedules, so that we ensure to save your aircon for long days. 

 Why people choose us for the aircon servicing contract :  

The best reliable company in Singapore

Experienced technicians will handle complicated issues.

Quick response 

Workmanship warranty for all kinds of Aircon services

Easy booking 


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There are many companies in Singapore providing aircon servicing contracts for homes, offices, and malls. But before hiring a contractor you should check 4 important factors.

The contractor should be registered with the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) or Singapore Contractors Registration Board (SCRB).

Check If the company is licensed or certified UEN in Singapore.

The contractor should provide a written quotation before starting work.

Check whether Aircon companies provide a workmanship warranty.

Our Service Includes

HDB/BTO Aircon Service and installation

Aircool provides quality aircon service & Installation for all HDB Customers in Singapore. Get your expected model & system and service with us at an affordable price. We do installation and service both in the split and centralized aircon.

Condo Aircon

Condo Aircon Service and installation

We offer premium aircon servicing and installation for condominium Customers. Aircool supports all types of aircon brands in Split and Centralized air conditioners. So get your aircon needed for servicing or installation with us at a reasonable price.

Commercial Aircon Service and installation

Commercial Aircon Service and installation

Aircool offers service and installation for commercial purposes. We support all types of aircon for our customers and we provide the service all at the lowest price. Get your service with us quickly .

Derrick Pah
Derrick Pah
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Very good! Repeated customer and good customer service
alexander fx
alexander fx
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Will continue to use your service again and recommend it to friends and family. Keep up the great work! The aircon installation is properly done.
Alex Rex
Alex Rex
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Booking and confirmation were quick and service was cleaned and maintained and the place was also left tidy. Will use their service again in the future. Highly recommended
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
First time try to engage Aircool for aircon servicing. The Technicians are very professional and helpful. Never hard sales any unnecessary service. Good service ! Value for money.
Thong Lap Chark
Thong Lap Chark
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Fast and prompt replies. Can make an appointment easily. I am impressed with your aircon service. highly recommended.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
The servicemen who came for installation were really skilled and talented. They were able to fix all other issues as well. definitely engages with your company again.
Richie Thong
Richie Thong
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Thanks for fixing my aircon leakage problem quickly, Technician Mani and team was very good
Cavin Ling
Cavin Ling
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I booked chemical washing for 4 unit. The price is less and servicing quality is too good. Impressed. Professional team !!!!

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Singapore uses aircon most and without aircon, we can’t manage. Maximum of residents do not maintain aircon properly it may be an issue in more possible ways like health-related and need to care of households like elderly, kids, newborns To overcome that regular aircon servicing is important to maintain the healthy living conditions

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Aircon not cold, Blowing Hot Air, Automatically Turn-on/ Turn-off, Water leakage, Flasing light, Error code show, noisy problem, Aircon repair, gas topup, Smells bad, etc..

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