aircon steam cleaning vs chemical cleaning

Which is best: Aircon steam cleaning or Aircon chemical cleaning?

What is Aircon steam cleaning?

The lifespan of electrical appliances depends on how we use and maintain them. Similarly, the aircon must be serviced regularly to improve its performance. Steam cleaning in the aircon is an advanced technique. Using this method can reduce the levels of germs, bacteria, pollutants, and allergens there.

Benefits of Aircon steam cleaning

Be environmentally friendly

Only water and electricity are used in this method, and no harmful chemicals are used. It makes this kind of service eco-friendly.

Chemical-free cleaning

You can be sure that this abrasion-free steam cleaning and process will not damage your aircon unit. Although rare when chemicals are used, corrosion or damage to aluminum components in your aircon unit coil can occur. Steam cleaning without any chemicals is a very affordable and gentle alternative to chemical wash.

Excellent indoor air

Steam cleaning has also been proven to counteract the undesirable changes in your aircon by removing the bacteria that live in the coils. Regularly scheduled water cleaning will also improve your Aircon airflow rate and result in better performance and better air quality.

When Aircon needs steam cleaning       

It depends on the use of the air conditioner. Usually, one cleaning for two years is enough for an Aircon. For maximum use, The interval between two consecutive cleaning sessions should also be reduced. In such a case, it is better to clean the air conditioner once every year. Also, the deterioration of the cooling effect of the air conditioner may be another sign that it needs to be cleaned.

What is Aircon chemical cleaning?

Aircon Chemical Wash is a solution specially designed to restore and recover the optimal performance of a unit. This process involves the removal of impurities from the organic interior and immersion in a chemical solution. This helps to remove any sticky dirt and destructive acids from the exterior.

There are two types of aircon chemical cleaning services.

  1. Chemical wash (without dismantling)
  2. Chemical overhaul (Dismantle then clean every part)

Aircon chemical wash

A chemical wash is more systematic than regular cleaning. As mentioned, a powerful solvent is used to remove every blockage of rust and residue within the unit.

Aircon chemical overhaul.

An overhaul involves the complete removal of the fan coil unit and the washing of the entire unit. Thus even the worst areas can be cleaned and sanitized.

A chemical wash is sufficient if our Aircon service regularly by an AC company three to four times a year. However, an overhaul is recommended if a unit has not been in service for several years.

Take a look at the following benefits to knowing why you should choose aircon Chemical wash:

Adjusts air quality

Aircon breathes fresh and clean air after chemical washing, and improved indoor air quality helps prevent respiratory diseases or any other health hazards that may result from low-quality indoor air.

To save electricity

The chemical wash makes the air conditioner more energy efficient. Also, it means that you can save a lot on your electricity bills.

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