7 Common Aircon Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Aircon installation

An air conditioning system, although looking simple, is a very complex machine. It relies on the proper functioning of various components in order to work properly. That is why it’s extremely important that you avoid these seven common mistakes during your next Aircon installation

1. Improperly Sized System 

A properly sized aircon system will make sure your house gets the right amount of cooling and produces minimum energy bills. While an oversized system can result in improper humidity control, high operational costs, and uncomfortable temperature changes. On the other hand, an undersized system with a shorter life span. Therefore, it’s important to contact a reputable aircon contractor and run a proper load circulation before installing the aircon at home. #airconinstallation

2. Wrong Positioning of Aircon

Improper positioning is one of them. Air conditioners should be placed in shaded areas to avoid overheating and reduce electricity bills. If you install your AC in a shady location but it becomes exposed to sunlight, then it will work even harder to cool down a room resulting in high energy bills. Proper installation includes tilting the unit slightly towards the back so that proper drainage is ensured and blocked by trees and shrubs. Proper ventilation is important to make sure that your air conditioner works efficiently so that you can save money on your monthly energy bill

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3. Improper Insulation

An improper installation can cause a lot of problems with the AC. It’s important to get an expert to install your unit or ask someone who is familiar with it. Poor insulation, incorrectly sized ducts, and leaky sealed parts can all reduce the efficiency of your new AC unit and lead to the early breakdown of your cooling system.

4. Wrong Positioning of Thermostat

Wrong positioning of the thermostat can lead to high electricity bills, improper cooling, and damage to the appliance. So, always place your thermostat in a central location and away from heat-generating appliances like lamps.

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5.  Poor indoor air quality is a major problem

which can reduce the efficiency of your aircon. There are several things in your home that can cause poor indoor air quality like mold, carpets, pollen, resins, and mildew. The pollution in the indoor air can get aggravated if it doesn’t get an adequate amount of air circulation and is exposed to high humidity. Poor indoor air quality affects the working of an aircon and impacts its overall performance. However, by choosing a reputable contractor you can easily fix this problem because they will advise you about steps you need to take for reducing the pollution inside your home. Additionally, contractors can advise you about other equipment that will further help you in eliminating air contaminants

6. Not checking for leaks

one of the most common mistakes when it comes to using or installing an air-conditioning unit. Even though leakage is a minor problem, even a small amount of coolant can affect your energy costs as well as make you more uncomfortable in your home. The best way to avoid this is to check your Freon or coolant levels regularly. We recommend checking at least once every month.

7.  Choosing the wrong contractor is a common mistake.

Many people are not comfortable with installing an air conditioner, and therefore, they choose to hire a professional who can complete the job for them. However, while selecting a contractor you must not just go for the cheapest service provider. It is important to choose the installer after proper inquiry, who is properly trained in Aircon servicing and installation.

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