Aircon Installation Guide: Before Purchasing Aircon

Aircon Installation Guide

Planning to beat the Singapore heat by investing in an air conditioner (aircon) for your home? Excellent decision! Before you rush into choosing the perfect unit, it’s crucial to consider the installation process. Here’s a comprehensive guide from Aircool Aircon, your trusted partner in air conditioning solutions, to help you make informed decisions before purchasing your aircon:

1. Evaluate Your Space:

 Measure the Area: Calculate the square footage of the room(s) you want to cool. This helps select the right aircon capacity (BTU or tonnage) for effective cooling.

 Consider the Layout: Think about the layout of the room, including windows, doors, and furniture placement. These factors affect airflow and may require specific unit positioning for optimal cooling.

 Check Electrical Wiring: Ensure your existing electrical wiring can handle the power requirements of the chosen aircon. Consult a licensed electrician if any upgrades are necessary. Aircon installation

2. Decide on the Aircon Type:

 Window Units vs. Split Units: Window air conditioners are budget-friendly but less powerful and aesthetically pleasing. Split units offered by Aircool Aircon provide quieter operation, and better cooling control, and are ideal for cooling multiple rooms.

3. Choose the Right Installation Location:

 Indoor Unit Placement: Mount the indoor unit on a sturdy wall away from direct sunlight and heat sources like electronics. Ideally, it should be placed 7-8 feet above the ground to ensure optimal airflow.

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 Outdoor Unit Placement: Select a well-ventilated, shaded area with enough space for airflow around the unit. Ensure proper drainage for condensation.

4. Professional Installation is Essential:

 Safety and Efficiency: Incorrect installation can lead to safety hazards, leaks, reduced efficiency, and void warranties. Choose Aircool Aircon for certified aircon installation with expertise in various brands and types.

 Pre-Installation Assessment: Our experienced technicians will conduct a pre-installation survey to assess your space, and electrical wiring, and recommend the ideal unit placement for optimal performance.

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5. Ask the Right Questions:

 Clarify Costs: Don’t hesitate to ask Aircool Aircon about hidden costs such as disposal fees for old units, additional piping needs, or electrical upgrades.

 Understand Warranties: Inquire about the warranties available on the aircon unit and the installation service provided by Aircool Aircon.

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Considering these factors before purchasing your aircon will ensure a smooth installation process, optimal cooling performance, and long-lasting comfort in your Singapore home.

Bonus Tip: Look for aircon brands known for energy efficiency to save on energy bills in the long run.

Remember, a little planning goes a long way! Enjoy the cool comfort of your new aircon with peace of mind, knowing you’ve made informed choices for a successful installation with Aircool Aircon, your trusted partner in air conditioning solutions.

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