Aircon Servicing – Different Types of AC Cleaning?

Aircon servicing

Aircon cleaning or servicing is the cleaning of an AC system. However, most people in Singapore do not think the Aircon service is so important. The performance of the AC depends on servicing and maintenance. A clean Aircon provides good air than a system accumulated with dirt. Also, when an Aircon is well maintained or serviced, it cools the room faster and reduces energy consumption.
Most Singaporeans ignore aircon servicing because they think their system is working properly, while others do not want to incur the servicing costs. What they do not know that there are so many benefits of AC services.

Types of AC cleaning

There are several types of aircon cleaning. The AC cleaning can range from a simple process to a complicated one. Simple cleaning involves the General Aircon Service or cleaning of AC components while complex cleaning involves a complete overhaul of the system. Types of AC cleaning include Aircon General Service or cleaning, Aircon chemical wash cleaning, Aircon steam cleaning, or a mixture of Chemical cleaning and Steam cleaning.

Aircon General Service or cleaning

Aircon cleaning is a servicing process that involves water and detergent. It is a simple type of cleaning method. It is a simple and gentle process that may not take most of the time. However, it is crucial to engage a professional in this simple process. This type of AC cleaning might not be effective in removing the bacteria or stubborn stains accumulated in the system. If your Aircon has not been serviced for some time, you may want a more aggressive type of AC cleaning.

Aircon chemical cleaning

Aircon chemical cleaning is an aggressive type of cleaning that involves the use of an alkaline or acidic solution. The solution helps to remove the stubborn stains and dirt that might have accumulated in the AC components over time. This type of cleaning is also referred to as aircon chemical overhaul. In some cases, the Aircon may be taken down and taken to a different place for AC chemical cleaning.
Nevertheless, chemical cleaning is only effective when the correct chemical is used. The AC chemical could be approved and certified for usage. Also, the technician must be professional and well-trained to carry out the procedure. Once the AC chemical cleaning is done, the performance of your system should improve. The cleaning remove bacteria, stains, and dirt.
The professional cleaner may decide to use alkaline or acidic AC chemical solution. The acidic solution is the effective Aircon chemical solution for cleaning a dirty aircon. The nature of this AC chemical is that it dissolves everything it comes into contact with it. This means that determining the level of concentration is most important. The chemical could also be washed off as quickly as to avoid damaging AC elements.
After chemical AC cleaning, the performance of your system should improve immediately. You should feel the coolness of the Aircon. The chemical solution also helps to eliminate the bad odor that might be coming from the system. It is therefore essential to choose a reliable and certified professional for the aircon chemical wash or cleaning.

Aircon steam cleaning

Aircon steam cleaning is a servicing process where water vapor is used. The steam used have enough heat to kill germs or bacteria and removes stains and dirt completely. Even though the vapor used cannot damage your aircon components, the level of stain or dirt removed may not be effective as when cleaned using the chemical solution.

Combination of AC chemical cleaning and AC steam cleaning

This is the best type of aircon servicing. First, the AC chemical cleaning is performed, then steam cleaning rinses the chemical solution completely. Even though it might be expensive than other types of AC cleaning, it will leave your system working properly.

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