Why Chemical Wash Service Is Necessary For Every Six Months For Our Air-con?

Singapore is one of the hottest places in South Asia. So, people use excessive air-conditioners to protect themselves from the sun. air-con is one of the important things in their lifestyle. Our air-con usage is day to day growing high. So we need our service air-con every 2 months once. Probably in these pandemics or also the normal situation we have to service air-cons using with chemical wash is more important.    If we suppose not properly maintain our product it will create air-pollution and disease too.

What is Chemical Wash :

                   In air-conditioner, Chemical wash is a process of cleaning internal constituents. In this process involve things are condenser, filters, coils. Aircon chemical wash service use for your aircon will highly reduce the noise level and it also quickly increase the cooling level for your room. If we don’t do service in the correct time we will face major problems some are here,

  • Air cooling will slow
  • Bad odor from air-con
  • The condenser will be spoiled
  • Water leakage level will increase

Benefits of Chemical Wash :

                  In Singapore, If we do consistently air-con servicing for the particular time its good and also a healthy one. Lets we will see the benefits of chemicals wash,

  • Chemical wash reduce electrical efficiency
  • Protecting from bad odor
  • It helps to keep the air clean
  • Inner components life will increase

                 In these Covid-19 pandemic situations, the chemical wash is more important for every aircon. Because It keeps the air clean. Protect from an invisible virus.

                Finally, Our Aircool is giving the best service for you all sides. Aircool is one of the top-rated aircon chemical wash service providing company in Singapore.for Residential, HDB, and commercial units. One more thing our company gives the best service wash at a low cost. Our ultimate goal is only to makes customers happy.

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