How To Choose the Best Aircon For Home?

Best aircon for home

Best Aircon For Home

Singapore is a hot and humid country. These days every Singaporean wants to buy air-conditioning for the home, office at anywhere. People always want high-quality products at a low cost. First of all, we want to know how to choose the best aircon for our favorite place. so, here is some important information.

  • First, compare the Aircon prices with different brands.
  • Know the rate of the British Thermal Unit.
  • Get an Extended Warranty for your home
  • Know your electricity usage with the right energy efficiency

 What is BTU Rate :

             BTUs rate is calculated based on your room size. how many square feet of rooms you have based upon BTU need is also different. for example, If you have a small room of 150 to 200 Square feet, the unit needs 6,000 BTUs, and then if have larger rooms of 350 to 400 square feet, the unit needs  9,000 BTUs.

Types of Air-Conditioners :

  • Window air-conditioner – Window air-conditioner installation cost is cheap and easy to clean and maintain
  • Split air-conditioner – These days the maximum number of homes choose these air-conditioners because of their sleeky design and then each air-conditioning can be controlled individually.
  • Central air-conditioner – This air-conditioner is usually needed in big building areas and offices. If we have a large home we can choose it.
  • Portable air-conditioner  – Its only use in small areas. can be taken anywhere easy to use.

Comparison Two Top Brands :

People always want good quality products. For example, if we compare two top brands Mitsubishi and Daikin air-conditioners based on energy efficiency, durability, reliability, and quite cooling capacity our suggestion is Mitsubishi. Because Mitsubishi aircon is very energy efficient. In Singapore weather, It gives us the quality product for lower costs.

Our long-term goal is customer satisfaction and they are happy are very important to us so that we prefer to give you the best aircon for your home.

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