Why do we need to Regular Aircon Service for our Home?

In Singapore, aircon is one of the major things in their day to day life. Singapore people use more aircon per person than any other country in Southeast Asia. So comparatively usage of aircon in a home is so high in Singapore so the aircon has to be serviced regularly. 

Aircon which collects dust and debris during the process prevents cooling properly and also this dust contains more bacteria and the virus causes many health problems in our home. By doing regular service a technician uses various cleaning processes like a chemical wash, steam cleaning, chemical overhaul to clean our aircon to prevent the problems.

If we skipping the regular service of aircon or poorly maintained aircon it leads to major problems and serious issues. Aircon like any other machine will become less efficient far sooner if regular servicing our aircon is not carried out. If we do regular service we can achieve plenty of advantages like reduce power consumption, and increases the life span of aircon, and hygiene air for breathing and stay away from unwanted bacteria and viruses from our surroundings. Due to the long usage of aircon without regular service, it slows down the process of cooling in your home. 

In Singapore people thought cleaning of their aircon by themself is enough for their maintenance but it’s not right we have done our aircon service by use of a service engineer they dismantle each part of the aircon to service it is the right manner for the service. Aircool is one of the trusted aircon service companies in Singapore. We offer the best aircon service for homes at an affordable cost.

In Singapore people using aircon in their homes and they are not doing regular service due to this 62% of aircon problems occur in a year. By overcoming these problems by doing regular aircon service in our home.

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