Aircon Water Leakage – How To Fix?

Aircon Water Leakage

Aircon Water Leakage

Many factors could play a role in why your Aircon is leaking water either inside the home or out. These include:
A dirty air filter – If your Aircon filter becomes clogged or even partially blocked, it can cause the unit’s evaporator coils to freeze, which causes extra water to overflow from the drainage pan.
Faulty condensate pan – Your Aircon will leak if the pan that’s designed to hold water breaks down due to age or corrosion.
Blocked drain pipe – Normal AC function involves water funneling through a series of drain pipes before disappearing down the drain. Assuming any of these drainpipes are impeded, it could cause water spillage.
Faulty installation – If your Aircon is brand new and is experiencing a leaking problem, chances are it is improperly sized for your home or was installed incorrectly.
Cool open-air temperatures – If you attempt to cool your home when the external temperature is under 60 degrees, the loops might freeze up and cause water spillage.
Low refrigerant level – When the refrigerant level for your AC is excessively low, it makes the unit lose pressure. This can cause freezing curls, which might flood the channel container when it liquefies.

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How to Fix Aircon Water Leakage?

To fix the issue of the Aircon that is leaking and dripping liquid, it’s important to take measures such as cleaning and dusting the condensate drain, the interior, and the exterior coils. Here are a few explicit tips and steps to follow:

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1. Cleaning and dusting of condensate drain

The condenser sucks the hot air from your room, cools the air, and delivers the cool air into the room. The hot air is dense and becomes water.
The water gets depleted by means of the condensate channel container and condensate line of the unit. It’s vital to take note that the absence of customary Aircon support and amassing of soil and residue brings about the stifling of the channel lines.

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2. Cleaning of interior and exterior coils

The inside loops incorporate the evaporator and fan curls and the outside curls incorporate the condenser loop. Itemized beneath are strategies for cleaning every one of these loops.

3. Evaporator

To clean this part, follow these steps:
• Switch off the apparatus and turn it off from power.
• Remove the front cover of the AC using screw drives.
• Use a vacuum machine.
• Note that the aluminum blades in the evaporator loops are really meager. You ought to, hence, watch out

4. Fan

This part serves the aim to blow cool air out of the aircon in a specific direction.

• To access this part, remove the indoor chassis with the help of a screwdriver.
• Presently flush it completely utilizing warm water.
• Allow water to deplete off totally before you flush it once more.
• Make sure it fully dries before you return it to the appropriate position.

5. Condenser coils

To clean the coils:

• Keep the aircon unit detached to drive and turn off it.
• Eliminate any part that could be an obstacle in getting to the condenser curls.
• Guarantee you utilize a decent chemical for the loops.

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