Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Split AC in Singapore?

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Are you looking to install a new Split AC? Thinking about doing it yourself? If so, you should know that it’s tougher than it looks.
The best way to answer that question is by discussing some of the many mistakes that can be made while installing an Aircon. So, without further ado, here are Mistakes to avoid when installing a split AC in Singapore?.

Incorrect size of the Aircon unit

Opting for the wrong size of Aircon unit is the most common installation mistake committed by many. The Aircon unit can either be too big or small. If you install a unit of smaller size, it will not be able to cool the area. While on the other hand, if the AC unit is too big, it possibly will prevent dehumidification and might wear off too soon. Therefore when choosing Aircon installation, get the help of experts from aircon service.

Wrong wiring

Another thing that could go wrong with Aircon installation is a mistake with the wiring. If the installation professional does not too experienced, then he could easily do sloppy wiring work which may not only prove risky but may even create faults in the working of the unit. Make sure there is no exposed wire as well.
Lack of insulation on the suction line
It is important that whoever comes to install your Aircon insulates the refrigerant on the suction line. What happens is that when there is no insulation, the efficiency of the AC goes down considerably. The same problem is also caused in the case when the insulation does incorrectly. So you watch out for both these scenarios so that they can be prevented.

Failure to Insulate

Make sure that the Aircon refrigerant is insulated on the suction line. This is because, when there is no insulation, the effectiveness of the Aircon goes down. The same Aircon problem happens when the insulation is not done correctly. Hence, these scenarios must be avoided.

Failing to Check for AC Refrigerant Leaks

As we’ve noted, the refrigerant is the lifeblood of the Aircon system. So, if the refrigerant were to spill out of the Aircon would fail to function as needed.
Unfortunately, Aircon installations can be a little messy. And on more occasions, this can lead to small leaks and punctures. For this reason, once you have installed your system, you need to inspect for these leaks.
If you cannot able to do this yourself, you should bring in a professional HVAC company. Should a leak present itself, your system Should suffer severe efficiency issues. This should cost you substantial money over time.

Going in With No Experience

AC Installing an Aircon unit is not a simple task. There is a super deal involved in it. If you mess up even one aspect of the Aircon installation, you Should end up facing serious problems down the road.
For this reason, unless you’ve some experienced with installing an AC in the past, you should avoid the endeavor altogether. goes into this project with no experience is bound to blow up in your face and cost you a substantial amount of money in the process.
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