Why My Aircon is Making Noise?

Making noise

If you find that your Aircon is making a noise that can appropriately be described as screaming, it’s not because it’s excited about finding the best ice cream parlor this summer. It’s probably a refrigerant leakage, and it’s very serious.
That being said, you may be wondering if it’s ever a good thing for your Aircon to be making certain noises. That answer is No. Strange noises from your Aircon should always be investigated. There’s the highest probability that whatever’s causing the noise can leads to more damage if it isn’t taken care of soon.
We’ll list some of the most common AC noises below and explain what the issues might be.

Screaming or Whistling

As stated above, this is often a sign of a refrigerant leak. This is definitely one of the worst problems that your Aircon can develop, so turn off the Aircon right away and call in for Aircon repair. Even if for some reason you cannot plan on calling for repairs immediately, we highly advise against running the Aircon while it has this problem.
Whenever your Aircon is forced to run without enough refrigerant, it will drag inefficiency and create the risk of the evaporator coil freezing. Worst of all, it can damage the compressor to the point that it might want a replacement and when that happens, there’s little to do but replace the entire Aircon. On a related topic, please also see our advice on signs to show that your AC needs Aircon servicing in Singapore

Banging and Clanking

These are all the noises that typically accompany a loose part. One of several mechanisms in the Aircon compressor may have broken, or the compressor itself could be to blame.
The worst-case scenario is that your compressor would want to be repaired. A better-case scenario would be something more simple, like a blower fan needing to be readjusted.


A rattling noise can be fixed with no more effort than changing the air filter and looking for loose screws or bolts. It’s common to hear these kinds of noises when your Aircon is beginning to get too old and hasn’t had proper AC maintenance performed regularly.
Common reasons for rattling includes:
· A loose casing
· A loose fan
· Leaves and debris in the system


Buzzing might be difficult to pick up on if you haven’t listened to it before. You might even hear it only when you go outside and get close to the outdoor Aircon unit. In almost every case, the buzzing is caused by Aircon electrical problems. Common causes include components like:
· The condenser fan motor
· Contact relay switch
· Circuit breaker

It’s not uncommon to start hearing buzzing noises as your Aircon gets older.
The lights in our house can sometimes buzz too, and we typically ignore them. However, don’t develop the same habit when it comes to your air conditioner just because it seems to be working still. Many house fires are caused by AC electrical problems, such as those that can develop from buzzing noises like these.

Why Is My Aircon making noise? Contact Aircool Aircon today at What’s app: +65 90050975 and we’ll help you find the problem.

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