Which is the Best: inverter Aircon vs Non-inverter Aircon?

Inverter Aircon vs Non Inverter Aircon

inverter Aircon vs Non-inverter Aircon?

What is an Inverter AC?

Aircon was once considered a luxury item, and therefore, only wealthy families could have them. Time has passed and technology has changed making Aircon more affordable. They are now the most energy-efficient, so almost anyone can buy this household staple today. With the Aircon units, homes, offices, hospitals, and other places feel more comfortable.

What is a Non-Inverter Aircon

The standard Aircon units are often categorized as non-inverters. The systems possess a lower energy-efficient rating. It may not be easy to distinguish one from the other, however, must reputable brand identify a product as an inverter system

Inverter Aircon is modern technology, and non-inverter ones have become a little old-fashioned. They work differently, the power consumption level is different, the cooling technology is different, and also the mechanism inside of the AC is different.
Let’s see step by step by comparing these two types of Aircon to know which one is better.

inverter Aircon vs Non-inverter Aircon


Both of these Aircon operate differently. A non-inverter Aircon compressor works at full capacity to cool the room temperature and then stops working.
Whereas the operating system of the inverter Aircon is completely different. It keeps on operating at a low power throughout the time and draws more power when want It’s like a car accelerator and only draws power when the temperature starts to rise, thus saving power consumption as well

Energy consumption

It is commonly known that the energy consumption of an inverter Aircon is way less than a non-inverter AC. It is because the inverter Aircon doesn’t confront any sort of abrupt flood in force utilization and consistently is running on a consistent energy-saving mode and draws power just as it needs to.

The frequent turning on and off makes the energy consumption higher than inverter Aircon. The sudden power charge forces the AC compressor to work hard.


Non-inverter Aircon tends to turn on and off very regularly, and by doing so, it creates a significant amount of noise that could disturb your sleep.
Whereas an inverter Aircon is always up and running, the AC compressor of this ac is never off. It keeps running on an ideal mode and keeps the temperature stable which helps you to sleep properly by making no noise whatsoever.

Air filters

The non-inverter Aircon comes with a standard quality air filter. An Aircon recirculates the air of your house, and this is why it wants to be purified and germ-free.
An inverter Aircon comes with a lot of options for the air filter to choose from, such as carbon filters, HEPA filters, blue filters, etc. These filters will work up to an extent to purify the recirculated air to keep you healthier than a non-inverter Aircon


The cooling of an inverter Aircon is pretty good and balanced because the compressor keeps running on an ideal mode to keep the temperature of the room stable.
Non-inverter Aircon wants to turn on and off its compressor according to the room temperature, which means the cooling is uneven in the room
Either the room is chilly when it is working at full capacity, or the room temperature is rising and waiting for the Aircon thermostat to pick that up and turn on the compressor again. This disturbs your sleep as well.


An inverter Aircon needs to run in the background which reduces the workload from its compressor and increases its longevity.
On the other hand, the non-inverter Aircon compressor works twice as hard compared to the inverter ones because when it’s turned on it is working at full capacity and then turning off all of a sudden, if wanted it starts the compressor and starts working again. It decreased the longevity of the compressor.


The cost of an inverter Aircon is a bit more expensive compared to the non-inverter AC ones. Investing in an inverter Aircon will benefit you in the long term such as, it will help you decrease your electricity bills by up to 30%, it does not make any noise, you will have a wide range of air filters to choose from, and all over a better performance for the extra price.
Non-inverter ones get the job done if you are on a budget and want to cool a normal-sized room. It will cool a room decently but when it comes to the features, it can’t beat inverter Aircon.


The technologies nowadays want to be environment-friendly for our own better future. Inverter Aircon is eco-friendly and does not emit any harmful gas that should harm the ozone layer.
The non-inverter Aircon produces Chlorofluorocarbons because they are not equipped with eco-friendly technology.

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