What are the 7 Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash Service?

Aircon Chemical wash

Most people use Aircon in order to enjoy a more conducive and comfortable environment. With this, AC maintenance is needed for units to work properly. The AC maintenance process takes place when all parts of the Aircon are cleaned using a chemical solution. In Singapore, we have the trusted Aircool aircon that offers a range of Aircon servicing like Aircon chemical wash, Aircon repair, maintenance, and Aircon installation conducted by professional and experienced technicians.

1. Improves air quality

Dirt and other particles that collect in your AC unit can be harmful to your health. This is especially bad for anyone in the room who has allergies. When you perform aircon chemical cleaning, you get rid of all the dirt and grime that accumulates in your AC. This clears out the air filters and other components, allowing clean air to circulate around your home or business, ensuring the health of your occupants.

2. Prevent corrosion

Many people in Singapore overhaul their aircon in order to reduce any damage that can be caused by corrosion. This is because AC chemical overhaul helps in the prevention of fan oil corrosion and eventually any other AC problems in the future.

3. Check the refrigerant

A good process of chemical wash inspection is when the refrigerant has also been checked and ensured that there is enough of it. An effective AC service of chemical AC  should be able to maintain proper aircon function.

4. Makes your unit more energy efficient

Due to dirt build-up, your AC will have a harder time cycling the air through the components. This will make the unit work twice as hard for the same level of effort, skyrocketing your electric bill. By getting your AC chemically cleaned, you’ll eliminate the build-up and get your AC running smoothly again, allowing it to use less electricity to function.

5.  Removes foul odors

If your AC is emanating some foul odors, this is probably because of a mold and mildew build-up in the unit. If you’ve noticed that the air in your AC is starting to smell, that is the clearest sign that you need an AC chemical cleaning. An AC chemical cleaning will not only remove the foul odor but will also prevent future issues of bacterial build-up from happening again.

6. To make everything in the Aircon look new

This method helps to clean and inspect all the components in the AC. This simply means that all the dust and dirt that could have accumulated will be removed and lead to better AC performance.

7. Prolongs your unit’s lifespan

A chemical wash is a full overhaul of your AC unit, and a good technician won’t just clean the unit, but examine the individual parts and tell you which need replacement or Aircon repair. Just like how AC servicing your car keeps it running longer, regular aircon upkeep should keep your unit as good as new.

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