What is done during aircon servicing?

Aircon servicing

Aircon servicing ensures that your home or office air conditioner functions effectively, and efficiently. AC service includes a general check-up for the components to detect faults or failures, as well as cleaning parts and filters. Routine regular Aircon service is recommended to avoid premature breakdowns.

Here is what is done during aircon servicing


The aircon siphons a gigantic amount of air consistently. Dust gathering, dampness, and different particles stop up basic parts of the aircon.


Air conditioning units are essential in our daily lives. They not only provide comfort but also make it much easier to live in warm climates, such as Florida and Texas. The main component of an air conditioner is the indoor unit, which cools the air by blowing it over chilled evaporator coils. During an aircon organization, the evaporator twist is cleaned using warm water. It’s basic to clean your circles every time to ensure your home or office stays cool all through the mid-year months.


Your outdoor unit (also called a compressor) has a coil that exchanges heat with the surroundings. It is clogged with dirt, dust, and other particles and might make your system ineffective. We will wash it with pressurized water and a special coil cleaning solution to bring it back to its peak condition.


The air conditioning may have a filter to remove fine particles from the air. These filters need to be cleaned and replaced periodically, depending on how often your air conditioner has been used.

Drain pan and pipe

The drain is flushed to remove any stuck dirt or debris. The drain pan is emptied, cleaned, and refilled with clean water.


Aircon inspections can be required for a variety of reasons, such as for new home inspections or for safety and peace of mind. A thorough inspection can also help to improve the lifespan of your aircon unit. The professional service personnel will take into account the use of your aircon unit and how long it has been in operation along with what type it is, to decide if a review is fundamental.

Refrigerant pressure

Aircons work by coursing refrigerant gas through the lines and curls. During administration, assuming refrigerant tension is low, you might need to get your framework “re-energized.” This includes siphoning refrigerant into the framework until the expected strain is reached.

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water Leaks

The condenser coil, compressor, piping, and evaporator are part of a closed system that uses pressurized refrigerant. Detecting even minor leaks can help technicians resolve air conditioning problems before they result in more costly repairs.

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Power consumption check

With my power monitor, I can check how much power my aircon unit is actually using. This information would help me get it serviced before it causes a circuit breaker or fuse to blow.

Cooling rate and temperature check

After an aircon is serviced, you can immediately notice the difference in temperature and how long it takes for the aircon to get your environment cooled down. As the units progress in years, their proficiency and viability decline.

Visual Inspection:

If your air conditioner makes a vibrating sound, there may be an alignment issue, or the compressor might be faulty. If you hear a hissing noise or clicking noise, there may be some fault with the compressor or refrigerant. Continuous rumbling noise during operation is also a sign that warrants inspection.

Why get your aircon serviced periodically?

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