Aircon General Service Vs Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon chemical wash

Your aircon needs routine maintenance and aircon servicing to run efficiently. Regular maintenance and aircon servicing can save money, prolong the working lifespan of your aircon units and ensure proper efficiency. You can hire a professional installer or do it yourself to keep your home, office, or shop cool and comfortable. Once you’ve booked a service call, get ready with our quick checklist to make sure all the equipment is turned on and in good working order before your technician arrives!

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What is Aircon General service?

Aircon servicing is the process of repairing and maintaining your aircon unit. It involves cleaning the filters, draining all water accumulated inside the system, and dusting off the blower and other parts. Also, it helps in checking the temperature gauge and pressure gauge to determine if there are any issues with the ventilation systems of the unit. While it doesn’t require chemical solutions as well as the dismantling of the unit from the wall, it is comparatively less costly than getting an automated aircon system cleaned by chemical solution due to simple maintenance factors such as the cleaning of filters.

How is Aircon General service conducted?

The basic aircon servicing services generally include:

  1. Your aircon unit is working perfectly, but it’s dirty.
  2. Aircon servicing is performed by professionals who ensure that everything in the unit is clean and running at peak performance.
  3. They drain and recharge it with different fluids, check all hoses and filters, check the compressor which helps make sure they’re not blocked or broken, pull out any debris obstructing airflow, then rinse out the aircon system components with hot water.
  4. We will carry out an electrical check to ensure there is no issue with the electrical components. The technician may record any concerns found on a checklist.
  5. This can also include checking how often the aircon unit needs servicing and checking the condition of the coolant reservoir.
  6. They will also test whether there is any noise from the unit or unusual smells coming from it via a visual inspection. We will even listen for any strange sounds which may indicate damage within your unit.

What is an aircon chemical wash?

The process of doing an aircon chemical cleaning like aircon chemical wash is different from regular aircon servicing. Aircon chemical wash includes using chemical solutions to wash the various aircon parts. The chemical treatment is used for the air conditioner parts like the coil, condensers, air filters, and water trays. Any dirt or dust accumulated in the aircon unit is removed during an aircon chemical wash resulting in your aircon being more energy efficient.

However, your aircon may still experience aircon issues such as aircon not being cold or aircon being noisy even after undergoing an aircon chemical wash. This may require undergoing an aircon chemical overhaul instead. Contrasted with an aircon compound wash, an aircon substance update purifies all the more completely and reviews for inadequate aircon parts so they can be supplanted or fixed. One of the advantages of an aircon compound redesign is it forestalls your aircon from encountering aircon issues.

How is an aircon chemical wash conducted?

An aircon chemical wash generally comprises the following:

  1. The aircon technician will pump down the refrigerant gas as well as lock the service valve.
  2. They will also disconnect the electrical wiring from the fan coil unit.
  3. The aircon components such as fan coils, fan blades, and blower wheels are chemically washed and rinsed with water to prevent them from corroding.
  4. The fan bearings are greased.
  5. The chemical cleaning of the internal air filter will be done.
  6. The drainage pipes will be also chemically flushed.
  7. The aircon technician will check the pressure to ensure it is working properly.
  8. Switch on the aircon to check if there are any issues with it.

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