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1.  Choosing a spot for Aircon installation

When it comes to split Aircon installation, the most essential thing is choosing a wall strong enough to withstand the jerks and vibrations caused by the unit. It becomes even more crucial if you are placing the indoor and outdoor units on the same wall.

A Solid and powerful wall will lessen the impact of vibrations in your structure, guaranteeing well-being for yourself as well as your friends and family.

Besides, we generally attempt to put your AC at least 7 feet over the ground to guarantee the ideal position that makes it simple to support and keep up with.

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2.  Computing the plate and drilling a hole

Mounting the plate at zero degrees is crucial. It ensures that your Aircon rests flush against the wall. We stick regards using a spirit level and measuring tape to ensure a zero-degree gradient. Once finished, we can start drilling holes for wires and pipes and connect the 2 units. 

3. Placing the Aircon indoor unit

It’s time to mount the indoor unit. First, we remove any kind of cover that Should be used for protection. Next, we Should gently lift the unit regards the mount, run the wires and pipe out of the holes, and start screwing it into place.

We always ensure that your copper pipe does not contain any sharp bends for optimal performance.

4.  Choosing a spot for the outdoor Aircon unit

When placing your outdoor unit, we ensure that there is a distance of thirty centimeters between the wall and the machine. This will guarantee that your Aircon gives a top-notch cooling performance.

Moreover, a spot without direct sunlight is prioritized to ensure the Aircon performance your manufacturer promised.

5.  Some more screws

It’s about time that your outdoor AC unit sits on the wall. Nonetheless, before we can do that, we drill openings for the holding sections.

Once finished, we will lift the unit and screw it firmly to guarantee major areas of strength. Holding sections helps in holding the unit firmly against the wall.

6. Time for the wires

Since both the units are set, we want to interface the wires now. Assuming there are any associations to be made between the two units, we will begin with that. Next, we will connect the main power supply to the electrical ports of your house.

An association chart, in the event that gave, is utilized to adhere to the producer’s directions.


7. Copper wires connection

Utilizing a vacuum siphon, all the copper wires are associated with one another. Once finished, the pizazz nuts are shut, and the gas valves are opened to get the gas stream running.

Pick The Right-Sized Aircon.

This element is extremely urgent while purchasing and getting your aircon introduced. The size and sort of aircon decide the general working expenses.

To decide on aircon cooling, utilize an English warm unit, i.e., the quantity of units required for a room is determined by increasing the square feet of the room by 35.

Power Utilization

Almost certainly that aircon consumes extraordinary energy, yet one ideal choice could help you in such a manner. In the event that you pick the right aircon, it could save you energy utilization, at last prompting lower power bills.

If you have any desire to be extra certain about which aircon you purchase is the ideal decision, if it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and contact our amicable group; we don’t maintain that you should pursue some unacceptable decision. We would be more than happy to offer you exact guidance in settling on the ideal choice.

What Advantages Show up With New Aircon Installation singapore?

Aircool aircon offers you additional assistance bundles notwithstanding the new aircon Installation. Such assistance bundles will assist you with saving your expense from now on. We are certain you would have no desire to pass up the suggested aircon installer Singapore bargains.

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