Daikin Aircon Error Code? and How to Repair it?

Daikin Aircon Error Code

U2 Power supply insufficient

This will mainly occur due to wiring problems whereby the wires are either too loose to sufficiently supply electrical and heat energy passes the Aircon system. Daikin aircon will be able to detect if it could be better to tighten these wires or simply change the wires due to the close proximity of the wires breaking in time causing no transmission of power at all.

CE – Indoor Radiant Heat sensor Malfunction

The indoor system is fitted with sensitive indoor heat sensors to help in regulated setting the required temperature. There is a direct link between the indoor hot sensor and how the outdoor segment controls what is pumped into the room. The device will stop function if the heater sensors become defective and stop working as they are command. When you send a CE error to Daikin Aircon Company, they will be focused on these parts to rectifying the problem.

E6- Outdoor Compressor startup error

In case the outdoor compressor has a problem with starting up, this error will be indicated. It is important to note that the compressor is responsible for generating the required pressure to pump into the conditioned room. Start-up problems may be caused by various factors including faulty wiring, PCB error, high or low current than required, or fan motor failure. Once you have reported error E6, the company technicians will look into these areas to rectify the problem. Some of the parts may be changed while others will just want adjustments for proper functioning.

L4 Outdoor inverter cooling

It is not only the indoors that require the want for temperatures to be influenced by the Aircon systems but also the outdoors in order to ensure good aircon maintenance of environmental temperatures. The cooled inverters can tend to freeze during winter and thus not be fully efficient, another problem can arise in the summer due to too much heat with this section of the system especially if the fluids needed to make it activated are either dried up too quickly. In this case, if the damage is severe the inverter can be changed but for most, it can be cleaned and aircon service in order to function efficiently again.

E3 outdoor activation of the High-Pressure switch

This will mainly occur when the switch is no longer contributing to the effect it is supposed to produce after being commanded to do so physically and the best way have it check out and realize if there will be a want for replacement or it can be fixed via aircon repair service at Daikin Aircon.

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