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Apart from various AC modes, there are multiple settings that you can control using an Aircon remote control. These help to achieve the perfect temperature and bring about convenience.

AC Fan Speed

The Aircon fan is the actual component that throws out the cool or hot air into your room. Adjusting this setting allows you to control the speed with which you can control the cooling or heating of your room.

Most aircon has 4 settings for the fan: low, medium, high, and auto. The auto fan setting naturally controls the fan speed according to the current temperature and the ideal temperature to be accomplished. It is not necessary for the fan mode in an AC to be turned on to use this function.

Aircon Timer Setting

Most modern aircon have timers built-in. They allow you to set the run time of an Aircon, thus saving energy. A particularly useful case can be during your sleep, where you can set the timer for a few hours, and when you are deep asleep, the Aircon will automatically turn off.

Some timers work based on the 24-hour clock, where you can set the time an Aircon has to be on or off. Others allow you to set a specific number of hours for which the Aircon will be operational.

Ionizer Function

Who doesn’t want clean air? The ionizer function is not really ubiquitous in Aircon remote controls, but still a fairly useful one. When activated, a high-voltage electronic mesh is activated within the indoor unit, which serves to ionize the air with negative ions. Particles of dust and other contaminants are attracted to these ions, and this ensures their removal from the air.

Swing Control

You can control the position of the swing louver with this mode. There are various edges to browse to change the blow of air in the specific bearing that you like.

Past Air conditioning models just took into account vertical swing controls however now you are likewise ready to control the swing vertically.

There is also an auto-swing function, which continuously varies the angle of your Aircon vanes. This continuously blows the air in different directions.

Quiet Mode

This Aircon set can also be termed as the silent setting. When set, the unit functions as quietly as possible. This is achieved by reducing the fan speed to the bare minimum.

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