Why is Your Aircon Noisy and How Can You Fix It?

Aircon noisy

Having a noisy aircon? AC help in cooling your homes and offices cool. But sometimes, the very same cooling devices made your head as hot as ever. This happens when the aircon starts to make noise. It is always a question on the fact that what makes the aircon noisy? When air conditioners are purchased and installed, they aptly cool the environment. Over the gradual course of time, the nets and the moving parts start accumulating dirt and dust. The constant working produces vibrations and the aircon installation of AC does not hold the same integrity as installed. Before we understand what makes aircon noisy, let us understand the construction of the Aircon.

Aircons comprises of the fan or the panel and the external unit which comprises of the compressor. The blower and the fan comprising of moving parts are relied upon to make a specific level of clamor. Hence, the air conditioners come in a well-padded, soundproofed material. At the time of installation, the fasteners and the fencing used is designed to absorb a certain level of vibrations produced. But as time passes, these components start failing. Noisy aircon makes different types of noises that can be diagnosed to present a suitable remedy.

Noisy aircon can be muted by fencing the outer unit with wood and using shock-absorbing materials around the fasteners of the unit. However, one might follow the instructions in the manual and do aircon servicing at regular intervals of time. Proper periodic AC servicing will not only guarantee the optimum cooling but it will also improve the life of your Aircon.

How to Fix a Noisy Aircon

1.         Check the fan for any damage or struck debris – To help you make any quick fixes on a noisy AC, simply loosen the screws and bolts in the unit. Check any stuck debris such as branches, dust, stones, and other particles and removed them using your hand.

2.         Check the blades for any signs of loose placement – Turn off the aircon and remove the unit’s casing. Check if any of the fan blades are awkwardly positioned. If you find that they are, don’t try tinkering with it yourself. It’s best to call an aircon technician to fix the problem for you.

3.         Contact an AC servicing expert – In most cases, it’s always ideal and safe to let a trained aircon expert or a professional aircon servicing company do the fixes for you.

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